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About Us

Shawn Mayo and Drew Morton combined their vinyl collections and their dreams to launch Tiger Records December 8, 2022.

Tiger Records owners, Shawn Mayo and Drew Morton, from Colorado Springs, in their vinyl shop.

Tiger Records is a 20-year dream come true for two vinyl guys coming of age in Colorado Springs. 


Early in life, Shawn hand-sketched a drawing of a record store that he hung on his refrigerator for two decades. This sketch stuck in his mind year by year as a dream, not knowing how it would be fulfilled. Shawn started actively in the record business in 1985, working 23-years at a local record store.


Drew’s affinity for records was kindled as a kid during the 1980s as he roamed garage sales with his mother. He remembers the thrill of purchasing his first record with saved-up dimes and quarters. Holding an album in his hands ignited his passion for vintage vinyl.  


Eventually Shawn and Andrew met, and they spurred each other on to learn more about vinyl history and the electronics behind vinyl. In December of 2022, it was time to launch their 50 combined years of experience into a new venture—Tiger Records. They merged their record collections and added treasures acquired from other collectors. Now, with a staggering collection exceeding 10,000 records, the duo embarked on their entrepreneurial journey.


Tiger Records is unique among record stores with an emphasis on high-quality vinyl plus educating and serving customers. Shawn and Drew long to help people enjoy vinyl the way they do.


Tiger Records offers a captivating assortment of vintage vinyl, new releases, state-of-the-art classic sound systems, CD’s and an enticing array of rock memorabilia, including posters, stickers and t-shirts.


Shawn and Drew invite you to meet them at the store where nostalgia blends with contemporary releases. And high-quality vintage vinyl arrives weekly. 


Whether you're a seasoned collector or a curious explorer, the warm and welcoming atmosphere of Tiger Records awaits, ready to connect you with the transformative power of music.

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